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Preparing for the Court of Honor -- preparation and planning information.

Invitations and commendations -- publicity, invitations, announcement letters, and letters of commendation.

Gifts for the new Eagle Scout -- should parents give the Scout a gift?  Should guests?  (This is the most frequently asked question we receive at Eaglescout.org.)

Templates for Court of Honor ceremonies -- use these for start point, then add what you want to fill them out. Feel free to even combine parts from several templates into a custom one for yourself. You can see complete ceremony scripts (a template with charges, poems, prayers, etc. already added into a complete ceremony) under the "scripts" heading below.

The Challenge Ceremony
Lighting the Eagle Trail Ceremony
The Light of the Eagle I Ceremony
The Light of the Eagle II Ceremony
A Simple Eagle Scout Ceremony
Order of the Arrow Ceremony
Indian Theme Eagle Ceremony
The Voice of the Eagle Ceremony
Parents' Ceremony
Citizenship Ceremony
Picture Ceremony
Eagle Scout Investment Ceremony
History Of The Eagle And Man Ceremony
A Brief Eagle Ceremony
Evening Ceremony with Ceremonial Fire


Eagle charges, challenges, pledges, oaths, etc. -- add these to your template to round out the responsibility, duty, and importance of the Eagle Rank.

Optional ceremony elements -- Famous Scouts, significance of the Eagle Rank, Scouting heritage, and inspirational messages. If you want to spruce up your ceremony, check these out.

Use of BSA logos, etc. -- You're trustworthy, right?  You don't want to use copyrighted material inappropriately.  Here are some suggestions.

Ideas for making an Eagle Court of Honor more interesting from Scouting Magazine

Religious materials -- prayers, benedictions, and other faith related materials.

Eagle poems -- a nice, growing collection.

Complete Court of Honor scripts -- You will find here a collection of complete scripts that have been used in various Troops over the years. Many of the charges, poems, inspirational writings, and other bits and pieces from the areas listed above ordered together into a proper script.

Eagle Court Of Honor script from Troop 30
Eagle Court Of Honor script from Troop 57
Eagle Court Of Honor script from Troop 39
Eagle Court Of Honor script from Troop 82
Eagle Scout Ceremony from Joe Ulrich
Eagle Court of Honor Script from Troop 524
Eagle Court Of Honor script from Troop 570
Eagle Court Of Honor script from Troop 266
Eagle Court of Honor script from Troop 5
Eagle Court of Honor script from Beth Garvin
          Eagle Court of Honor script for 5 simultaneous Eagles from Troop 295
Eagle Court of Honor script from Troop 533
Eagle Court of Honor script from Troop 50 (Eagle Trail)


Please direct all inquiries & submissions to the webmaster at Eaglescout.org


The majority of the Court of Honor material here was taken from the EagleBook, described below. The acknowledgments from that document are also included below. We have (at this website) added lots of extra information to that we took from the superb EagleBook collection.

The Eagle Court of Honor Handbook

Welcome to the Eagle Court of Honor Handbook. This is a compilation of resources gathered from many places. You will find herein most of the Eagle Scout Ceremonies Handbook by Dan Demers, and also the Eagle Scout Court Of Honor Scripts FAQ from Fred Rogers. There was a great deal of overlap between these two documents, so it made sense to combine it all, along with other sources, into a new handbook. It Sir Issac Newton that said "If I have seen farther than others, it is because I was standing on the shoulders of giants." Well, my sincere thanks to Dan, Fred and the many other people who have contributed to this handbook.


The EAGLE COURT OF HONOR HANDBOOK, by Gary Hendra, the MacScouter, is a compilation of material from many sources, including the following:

Don Demers' EAGLE SCOUT CEREMONIES HANDBOOK could not have been possible without the contributions from a lot of dedicated Scouters and Council folks.

San Mateo County Council, CA, and Troop 137
Pine Tree Council, ME, and Troop 171 / Troop 118
Katahdin Area Council, ME, and Troop 189
Northeast Illinois Council, IL, and Troop 55
Okefenokee Area Council, GA, and Troop 223
Coastal Empire Council, GA
Northern Lights Council, ND
Columbia Pacific Council, OR
Tidewater Council, VA, and Troop 209
The National Eagle Scout Association
Order of the Arrow

Fred Rogers' EAGLE SCOUT COURT OF HONOR SCRIPTS FAQ was compiled from many sources. Most of the scripts were distributed originally by the National Eagle Scout Association or were taken from Woods Wisdom. Other scripts and information came from the Scouts-L Youth Groups Discussion List on the Internet and the rec.scouting newsgroup on Usenet.

In addition, contributions to this EAGLE COURT OF HONOR HANDBOOK have been gratefully received from Steve Aberle, saberle@olympic.brigadoon.com, Ben Parker, bparker@interaccess.com, Jack L. Eidson, Mike Walton -- Settumanque! the Blackeagle, Greg Gough, Joe Ulrich, joe_ulrich@yahoo.com, Scott Drown, Paul Sweeney, sweeney@mdc.net, Ed Schmitt, C. W. Miller, David Smith, and many others.

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Please direct all inquiries & submissions to the webmaster at Eaglescout.org

Last update: 3/13/2006