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Ceremony around a campfire - Troop 266, Marcellus, NY

(Provided by Bill Crandall)

This is a copy of the Eagle Scout ceremony for Matthew Crandall in Troop 266 Marcellus, New York on August 2003. We had it outdoors at a local camp next to a fire. After the ceremony we toasted marshmallows and ate s'mores.

I hope this is helpful for someone.

Part 1:   Introduction

(Read by the Master of Ceremonies with the whole troop reciting their parts)

"We now convene this Court of Honor to recognize Matthew Crandall for the rank of Eagle Scout."

"The troop will now escort the candidate forward."

"This Eagle Fire represents the Spirit of Scouting. "

"These principles are expressed in: "

"The Scout Oath" (all recite it)

"The Scout Law" (all recite it)"

"The Scout Motto" (all say "Be Prepared")

"The Scout Slogan" (all say "Do a Good Turn Daily")


(Read by an Eagle Scout, Mike Buza)

I am the EAGLE. From my high vantage I can see the big picture. My acute vision allows me to see all things for what they really are. I have inspired people throughout history Many cultures have valued me as an important symbol.

The ancient Egyptians associated me with their sun god.

In the golden age of Greece, I represented victory and supreme spiritual energy. I was the sacred bird of Zeus, the ruler of all gods. The Greeks depicted me with wings out-stretched holding a serpent in my claws. Thus, I portrayed the triumph of good over evil.

Native Americans revered me since I could soar so high and nearly reach the Creator.

To the early Christians, I was the symbol of ascension.

On June 20th 1782, I became the symbol of a new country, the United States of America.

More recently, the Apollo 11 crew chose to name their lunar module after me. When Astronaut and Eagle Scout Neil Armstrong said, "The Eagle has landed" we had reached the moon.

Our heritage of affiliation clarifies why the Boy Scouts of America chose the eagle to symbolize their very highest achievement.

Part 3:  Matthew's Path to Eagle

(This part of the ceremony would be personalized for each Eagle scout. This was read by a member of the troop committee, who added some personal comments about the Eagle candidate's experiences in scouting. )

(Troop can be seated - Candidate remains standing)

Most Boy Scouts join at the age of 12 when done with Cub Scouts.

Matthew started later, after he had helped some friends from Troop 266 sell Bluebird houses at Old Home days.

He fulfilled the requirements of leadership, service and mastered the skills to advance through each rank. Tenderfoot -  Second Class - First Class - Star - Life

He earned 21 Merit badges including First Aid, Environmental Science, Emergency Preparedness, Camping, Citizenship in the Community, Citizenship in the Nation, Citizenship in the World and Swimming.

Matthew accomplished the reorganization and renovation of the Durgee Food Pantry in Marcellus. This Eagle service project took over 200 hours to complete.

The Journey of the Eagle doesn't end here but continues with a lifetime of service and honor.

Part 4:  Award Presentation and Conclusion

Part four was read by the Scoutmaster. (Thank you Dale Sturm.)

Scoutmaster: "Since the parents of this Scout and his Scoutmaster have been so instrumental in his attaining the eagle rank, I will ask them to come forward."

"Eagle Scout Matthew Crandall, I wish to congratulate you upon this achievement and present you with this Eagle neckerchief."

Scoutmaster removes old neckerchief and replaces it with Eagle Scout neckerchief. Scoutmaster can now express his own personal wishes.

Scoutmaster hands mother the Eagle Scout Badge to pin on her son. "Please present this Eagle Scout Badge to Matthew"

"Matthew as a symbol of appreciation for your parents guidance and encouragement I ask you to present these pins to them."

Scoutmaster hands him the pins so he can present them to his parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Crandall you may now be seated.

Scoutmaster: "Matthew, please repeat after me the Eagle Oath."

I, Matthew Crandall --- reaffirm my allegiance ------ to the three promises of the Scout Oath ---- I thoughtfully recognize--- and take upon myself--- the obligations and responsibilities---- of an Eagle Scout-- With the help of God--- I will do my best---- to make my training an example--- My influence and my opportunities----- strongly count for physical fitness for wholesome character---- and for devoted citizenship--- in Scouting, and my community- To this I pledge my sacred honor.

"By the authority of the Boy Scouts of America I present this Certificate that pronounces Matthew Crandall, an Eagle Scout."

(Matthew can say a few words at this point if he wants to.)

Master of Ceremonies:  "This concludes our Eagle Court of Honor."

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