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A Brief Eagle Ceremony

This script was contributed to the Scouts-L Youth Groups Discussion List on Internet by Mike Walton of Greenwood, KY. It was originally used for an Eagle Court of Honor at an army base in Stillwater, OK.


Eagle Scout
Eagle Scout's Mother
Eagle Scout's Father
Commissioner (or Executive)
Volunteer Scouter
Eagle Scout escorts (four Eagles)


COMMISSIONER: At this time, on behalf of the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America, I hereby convene this Court of Honor for the purpose of presenting the Eagle Scout Badge to Eagle Scout [ Scout's name ]. Will everyone please stand and will the escorts please bring forward the Eagle Scout to the front of the room.

[Eagle escort brings the Eagle Scout forward to the assembled group.]

COMMISSIONER: The Eagle Scout Badge is the highest youth award which may be earned by a member of the Boy Scouting program. It represents another step forward by the Scout toward the BSA's goals of developing citizenship, of imparting character development and enhancing personal fitness. While the Eagle Scout Badge is one of seven badges which the Scout earns, the achievement of the Eagle Scout Badge is indeed the highest honor that a Scout may achieve.

Scout [ Scout's name ] , will you please face the audience, raise your right hand in the Scout sign and please repeat the Scout Oath.

[Eagle Scout repeats the Scout Oath.]

COMMISSIONER: Thank you, Eagle Scout [ Scout's name ]. At this time, I wish to call up on your Scoutmaster to wish you well.

SCOUTMASTER: Eagle Scout [ Scout's name ], I wish to congratulate you upon this achievement on behalf of the boys and adults of Troop ___. We are all extremely proud of your achievement and equally proud of your progress along the Scouting trail. As a small token of our pride in you, it is my honor to present this special neckerchief, emblematic of all Eagle Scouts everywhere , to you. Please wear this with pride in our program and with pride in your personal achievement.

[Scout master removes old neckerchief and replaces it with Eagle Scout Neckerchief. This is different from the NESA white neckerchief, this one is blue and silver.]

[Scout master then expresses his or her own personal good wishes for the new Eagle.]

SCOUTMASTER: Just like your past progress along the trail, you did not go it alone. Your fellow Patrol and Troop members assisted you greatly . Your friends and those in your community supported you while you completed the service projects in the Troop. But your parents supported you throughout and it is at this time I ask them to please join us here. Will the Eagle escort s please bring Mr. and Mrs. __________ forward to join their son.

[Eagle escorts bring the parents of the Eagle present.]

SCOUTMASTER: At this time, I wish to present __________ who will address all of us but particularly the new Eagle and his parents. Ladies and Gentlemen, __________.

PRESENTER: [says personal greetings, and other comments relating to the achievement of the Eagle Scout Badge. Then, states the following:]

I have the honor of presenting this presentation kit and certificate on behalf of the National Court of Honor of the Boy Scouts of America to your Scoutmaster for presentation to you.

[Presenter presents the presentation kit and certificate to the Scoutmaster, who then holds it while the presenter gives the new Eagle Scout the Eagle Scout Charge.]

PRESENTER: Mr. Scoutmaster, will you please assist me in presenting the Eagle Scout Badge to Mrs. __________, who will pin her son with this high honor.

[Scoutmaster opens the kit, gets the medal out and gives it to the mother, who then pins her son's badge on the uniform on the left side above the pocket centered.]

PRESENTER: __________, because your mother gave birth to you, nurtured you an d gave you solace, comforted you and assisted in your development, I ask you to please present to her the small Eagle pin, a outward symbol of your achievement which she may wear with pride.

[Scout master gives the pin to the Scout, who then turns and pins his mother.]

[At this time, the Volunteer Scouter stands and faces the Scout and his parents.]

VOLUNTEER SCOUTER: __________, my name is __________, and it is my honor to read to you a special message sent to you from the National Office of the Boy Scouts of America. However, before I read this, I wish to call upon anyone present who is a holder of the Eagle Scout Badge to please stand.

[Eagle escorts and any other Eagle Scouts present stand at this time. Volunteer Scouter reads the letter sent to Eagle Scouts from the National President and the Chief Scout Executive. Afterwards, Volunteer Scouter presents the letter and the Eagle Scout card to the father of the Scout.]

VOLUNTEER SCOUTER: At this time, the National Council, Boy Scouts of America hereby recognizes [ Scout's name ] as an Eagle Scout of Troop ___. We as k that Mr. __________ present his son with his card and the letter from the National Council.

[father presents card and letter to Scout.]

PRESENTER: [ Scout's name ], because your father raised you, taught you important lessons, gave you solace, comforted you and assisted in your development, I ask you to please present to him the small Eagle tie tack, a outward symbol of your achievement which he may wear with pride.

[Scoutmaster gives the tie tack to the Scout, who then turns and pins his father.]

COMMISSIONER: On behalf of the National Court of Honor of the Boy Scouts of America, I hereby declare this Court of Honor closed and join with al l assembled in greeting the new Eagle Scout.

NOTE : Depending on time and circumstances, it is possible and desirable to add a place for the new Eagle to insert his own personal touches and for someone to list his achievements and his progress toward Eagle. Also, it is possible to add a presentation of a membership in the National Eagle Scout Association.

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