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Order of the Arrow Ceremony I

This ceremony is appropriate if the Eagle Candidate is an active member of the Order of the Arrow.


A ceremonial campfire as a backdrop. Six Indians enter either in silence or chanting in a low voice from backstage or from the rear of the audience if no stage is available. The four winds stand on one side, Allowat Sakima is at center stage, and Kichkinet off to the side near the candidate.


ALLOWAT: I have led my braves to the summit of this mountain in a long journey from our camp to show you the rewards of your climb along the trail. When you began this trip as a young Boy Scout of many years ago you had this mountain top as your goal. You now have reached the summit, the realm of the Eagles. Before admitting you into honored membership, we must first hear the story of your long climb along the Eagle trail.

KICHKINET: This Scout, after reaching the First Class rank, has worked diligently and has sought experts who gave him valuable counsel on many subjects. He has been given advice and encouragement along the trail by capable leaders.

ALLOWAT: Before admitting this Scout to the realm of the Eagles, I must have assurance that he has been faithful in serving his troop. Also, has he put into practice giving leadership to younger Scouts, and that he is entitled to wear the wings of the Eagle. Mr. Scoutmaster, has your Eagle candidate met these qualifications?

SCOUTMASTER: Yes, he has.

ALLOWAT: Scout [ Scout's name ], you have worked hard to achieve the rank of Eagle, but listen first to the wisdom of the winds.

EAST WIND: I am the spirit of the East Wind. I represent the common law, your duty to God and to country. Trustworthy, loyal, and helpful, are the qualities that a man must possess who lives by the laws of this land. See that you do not lose the great blessing of a lawful land.

WEST WIND: As the spirit of the West Wind. I represent the law of equity, your duty to country and others, friendly, courteous, and kind are the laws that breathe of conscience. They create the atmosphere that comes from within your heart; the desire for you always to be friends to those of all ages, young and old. Be courteous to those who pass along your trail. Cast away the harmful spirit of the unfriendliness and selfishness.

SOUTH WIND: I am the spirit of the South Wind. I represent civil law, your duty to others and to self. Obedient, cheerful and thrifty are the character of civility. A life of cheerful obedience is necessary for the development of a true citizen. Obedience is something we all must learn, to take orders and carry them out cheerfully. Real thrift means earning, spending wisely and saving, and to share with that less fortunate.

NORTH WIND: I am the spirit of the North Wind, the most powerful of all, I represent the divine law, your duty to be brave, clean, and reverent. To be brave is to be unselfish. To be clean in body and soul is to be pure in heart. Cast from your mind and body any evil spirits that try to weaken or destroy the divine law, live a life of reverence. Be always brave, clean, and reverent.

ALLOWAT: Through your climb up the Scouting trail, the badges have changed as your abilities grew. One pledge remained unchanged, the Scout Oath. Is there any reason why you as a new Eagle cannot renew this promise which you first made as a new Scout.


ALLOWAT: Then please stand and with the Scout sign, recite the Scout Oath, slowly and clearly.

CANDIDATE: (Repeat the Scout Oath slowly.)

ALLOWAT: Scouting has been a great influence in your life. It has supplemented the effect of your home, your church, and your school. You climbed through the ranks of Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class.

KICHKINET: Then additional merit badges allowed you to be a Star Scout, while still more and harder ones found you wearing the heart of a Life Scout. More time and harder requirements found you adding to your qualifications until now you have reached the highest rank in the Scouting movement, the Eagle Rank.

ALLOWAT: Without the love and guidance of understanding parents, a boy is severely handicapped. Your parents have watched you grow and develop. They have worked with you in health, nursed you in sickness, guided your thoughts and actions, and helped you in untold ways. Your Adult Leaders have been a strength to lean on. One of them was always there in times of trouble and for help. Your home influence will last throughout your life. I ask your parents to stand beside you as a symbol that they will continue to help the young Eagle to grow in the qualities of leadership and citizenship that a true Eagle must have.

(The four winds escort the parents to the candidate's side.)

KICHKINET: As a token of your willingness to continue your support for this young Eagle, I ask Mrs. __________ to pin the Eagle badge on your son.

Eagle Scout [ Scout's name ], you have seen that your mother plans to standby you in the future. Do you now promise to do your best as an Eagle Scout?


KICHKINET: Then you now have the honor to pin a miniature Eagle pin on your mother.

To let everyone know you are truly a proud Eagle Scout, I ask your father, Mr. __________, to place the Eagle Neckerchief around your neck.

Eagle Scout [ Scout's name ], you have seen that your father plans to standby you in the future. Do you promise to follow the Scout Law as an Eagle Scout?


KICHKINET: Then you have the honor to give your father the miniature Eagle Tie Pin.
ALLOWAT: As Ceremonial Chief, I now call upon Mr. ____________, to give the new Eagle the charge.

Mr. __________: (Any of the many charges may be used.)

(When the charge is finished, the four winds step up to the new Eagle Scout, one at a time, and tap him on the right shoulder three times, as Mr. ___________ reads.)

Always remember Eagle Scout [ Scout's name ], the words of the EAST WIND, to be TRUSTWORTHY, LOYAL, and HELPFUL. The words of the WEST WIND, tells one to be FRIENDLY, COURTEOUS, and KIND. The words of the SOUTH WIND urges one to be OBEDIENT, CHEERFUL, and THRIFTY. Finally, the words of the NORTH WIND, the most powerful of all admonishes, one to be BRAVE, CLEAN and REVERENT.

(Mr. _____________________ returns to his seat.)

ALLOWAT: I now welcome you, Eagle Scout [ Scout's name ], to the summit of your trail. the Eagle is strong and powerful, and flies unblinking into the face of the sun. He soars high and builds on a pinnacle. You must not swerve from your duties as an Eagle.

Will the audience please rise.

(KICHKINET, and the FOUR WINDS raise both their hands.)

We now call upon the Great Spirit of all, for his blessing on this new Eagle Scout. May he always strive to attain the noblest and highest ideals of life. Be his strength and his guide. Cause him to follow a straight trail and to never be a reason for other Scouts to waver from their path. Protect him for many moons to come. May the Great Master of all Scouts be with us until our trails cross again.

(Indians walk back from whence they came, and the Scoutmaster takes over to start the congratulations.)

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