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Parents' Ceremony


(After all the guests are seated, the MC makes a brief statement concerning the honor and significance of becoming an Eagle Scout. The MC/SPEAKER then names the Scout or Scouts who are to be recognized at this ceremony and asks each to escort his parents to center stage.)


The MC/SPEAKER recognizes and commends the Scoutmaster and all other Scouters for their work in helping these boys to become Eagle Scouts.

He also congratulates the parents for their Scout make this high achievement.

Commend and congratulates the Scout for sticking to his purpose until his goal has been realized and for having parents interested in his success.

The MC/SPEAKER'S speech includes a statement along the following lines:

"The Eagle Scout badge is a recognition of the National Court of Honor, presented through the local council and local court of honor."

Not every Scout, in Scouting, can qualify for Scouting's highest rank of Eagle because:

1. The physical requirements are strenuous as set forth in the required merit badges.
2. Mental requirements are unusual, and require much more than average intelligence. (Expound on the intelligent application of requirements for rank and merit badges.)
3. Perhaps an even more difficult and more important requirement for the Eagle Badge of rank is the personal character of the Scout. His attitude toward God, and the ideals of Scouting, reflected in his cooperation and service to others in his troop. Also in his home and in his community. The applicant must have a high degree of the spirit of cheerful service to others, which is the basis of good citizenship.

"I am happy to report that our review reveals that this Scout has (these Scouts have) qualified in the requirements for personal character and good citizenship. In addition to the technical requirements for the Eagle Badge of rank."

(Another Scouter or the same, may take over the rest of the program: He addresses the Eagle court applicant, secures an answer to each of the following questions from each candidate. Make it impressive.)

"Do you realize that you will have a greater responsibility as an Eagle Scout?"
"As an Eagle Scout, this qualifies you for greater leadership responsibility. Are you willing to accept this responsibility for your brother Scouts, troop and others?"
"As an Eagle Scout, those who know you will follow your daily personal conduct and live the spirit of the Scout Oath and Law. Will you do your best as an Eagle Scout to live the Scout Oath and Law?"
"Then, are you now ready to recommit yourself to the Scout Oath?" (Here the Eagle Scout candidate moves one pace forward and gives the Scout sign.)
"Rededicate yourself by reciting the Scout Oath?"
(Each mother invests her son with the insignia of the Eagle Badge. The new Eagle Scout gives his mother the traditional miniature eagle.)
(The son stands at the right of his mother, and his father stands at the left of his mother.)
(When all the insignias have been presented the MC/ SPEAKER gives the new Eagle Scout the Scout handclasp with the left hand. Then he takes the right hand of each of the parents in his right hand and makes a statement like the following.)

"May I congratulate you again and may I remind you that Scouting should now become an even greater tie between son and parents, binding you even more closely together as a family. To you, Eagle Scout [ Scout's name ], I am confident that you will honor Scouting with your life and service as tonight Scouting honors you. May God bless you and make you a blessing, in my prayer."

SPEAKER: "By the authority invested in me by the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America, I now declare you an Eagle Scout."

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