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Eagle Ceremony Script for Five Eagle Scouts in Troop 295

Submitted by Dave Blaschke, Troop 295, Plano, TX

John Beaty - will have a slide show set up in the left front comer of the room with pictures from the Eagle's Scouting career

Dave Blaschke - Master of Ceremonies - Opening (5 mins)

Bill Hanson will arrange to have the Troop light boxes and flags at the Harvey hotel. At 14:00 Dave will ask that everyone please take their seats. He will then introduce our chartering organizations, American Legion Post 321 and VFW Post 4380 who will conduct the opening flag ceremony. Ask the audience to stand right before the color guard begins. When the colors have been posted, Dave will ask that everyone join in the Pledge of Allegiance. "Scouts Attention!" "Scouts salute!" " I pledge allegiance,. . ." (afterwards) "too!" "Please remain standing." Immediately after the pledge, Dave will ask Eagle Scout and former Troop's Chaplain's Aide, Ted Beckstead, to give the invocation.

Ted Beckstead - former Chaplain's Aide - Invocation (2 mins)

audience should be standing - "Please bow your heads." (pause) "Heavenly Father, we thank You for the interest in the Scouting movement that has brought us together this afternoon. We thank You for the success of the Scouting movement in the United States since 1910. We are grateful for the influence that Troop 295 has had on the lives of boys since it held its first charter in 1988. We pay for continued blessings on this Troop, its leaders, its Troop Committee, and its sponsors through the years ahead, - that Troop 295 may continue to turn out leaders for tomorrow, as well as the next century, prepared as good citizens, with a value system based on your holy commandments, and the 12 points of the Scout law. Amen!" - ask audience to be seated

 Dave Blaschke - Master of Ceremonies - Introduction (5 mins)

My name is Dave Blaschke. I am currently the Eagle Coordinator for this illustrious Troop. It is my distinct honor to act as Master of Ceremonies for today's special court of Honor. It is also my privilege to have served as the first Scoutmaster for this Troop. The first roster, dated October 17th, 1988, reflects a charter granted to unit 1722 ..... (after verification that no other unit was chartered 295, we adopted the number of the Cub pack we sprang out of). That roster reflected the names of 20 boys, from 17 families. Seven of those boys went on to earn the rank of Eagle scout, and (all) many are in the audience with us today. Little did we realize back then, that we would gather some nine years later to witness an event that rarely occurs in a Scouting lifetime. In the early years of the Troop, we were lucky to have a single Eagle scout in any year. Some years there were none. Two in a year, was considered a blessing. 1997 will go down in the Troop 295 history book as the watershed year for Eagles, for in this year, we have completed 7 Eagle boards of review, and today we come to honor 5 of those young men. Later this month, 2 of those young men will go where I went 32 years ago, and walk the hallowed halls of Texas A&M as members of the Corp of Cadets. Jeff, and Richard, I am truly envious of your current positions. The other 3 will also move forward with different, but equal opportunities. What you learned while achieving Eagle, will serve you well. I have been blessed to work with all of this Troop's Eagles in one capacity, or another,... .as Scoutmaster, or Advisor, or mentor. I can honestly say that you will meet no finer group of young men anywhere in this country. As the 5 of you put your experiences with Troop 295 behind you, I offer one final piece of parting advice. That's right, Mr. Blaschke gets to preach to you one last time. You all remember, probably from several occasions, that I said there was a reason the Scout law began with Trustworthy, and finished with Reverent. The beginning, and ending of anything worthwhile is always very important. But today, on this day when we have so many Eagles gathered together in one spot, I call your attention to the middle of the law. The sixth point of the law to be exact. Today, as never before, the world is changing more rapidly than ever. Much of this change is directly attributed to Technology. We all seem to want to get to the future faster, with more productivity, in a diverse workforce, and on a global scale. We are in the age of Information Overload. I propose to each of you, that your future will hold less time for you to relish the friendships, like you have developed at 295 in the days of your youth. You have been successful here, and it will be easy to get caught up in success wherever your future takes you. It will be easy, to forget you fellow man as you strive to attain yet another goal in life. When you find this happening to you, take just a moment to reflect on the friendships of the past few years. And then remember to be kind. Be kind to a team member at work, or better yet, a perfect stranger. Take a moment to read a book with your child, for all too soon, he, or she will trod in your path, and be grown. Be kind to your wife, for she is the most important person in your life. And most of all, be kind to yourself. Right about now, you think, old Mr. Blaschke has gone a little soft in the head on you. And, you are correct. You should realize that I have taught you well, that it is easy to be hard on yourself. Today, remember that I also said it was OK to be easy on yourself once in a while. For kindness, is one of the softer, nobler virtues of being human. When it comes to people, it will also pay you dividends beyond your imagination. ..... long pause

At this time I call a Scouter forward who needs no introduction. Our original, resident adult Eagle, husband of a previous Troop treasurer, and the 4th Scoutmaster of Troop 295 ..... Mr. Karl Arunski.

Kail Arunski - Speaker - Keynote Address (5-10 mins)

You were the first choice of the parents, over Billy Gamble and Pat Scales. They would like you to address the young men in such a fashion, as at 18 they do not really understand the impact of the full implications of being an Eagle scout, and what it will mean to them later in life.

Dave Blaschke - Master of Ceremonies - Thanks Karl ..... "I have asked each young man, to have his advisor, or someone else to speak about his project, (hold up Newsletter) At the back of the room you will find the past 2 Newsletters outlining all of the Troop's Eagle projects. After the court I encourage each family to take a copy of each home with them, and read about the many fine things all of these young men have done for our communities to make them better places." ..... Introduces each speaker

Charlie Gunter - Speaker - Ryan's Project (2-3 mins)

Ryan, call your speaker and confirm their availability, then call me and let me know. Confirmation received via parents at 7/6/97 meeting

John Boudreux (Richard's Grandfather) - Speaker - Richard's Project (2-3 mins)

Richard, call your speaker and confirm their availability, then call me and let me know. Confirmation via voice mail 7/15/97 21:12

Karl Arunski - Speaker - Jeff's Project (2-3 mins)

Jeff,, call your speaker and confirm their availability, then call me and let me know. Confirmation received via parents at 7/6/97 meeting

Rocky Compary - Speaker - Michael's Project (2-3 mins)

Michael, call your speaker and confirm their availability, then call me and let me know. Confirmation received via parents at 7/6/97 meeting

Bill Hanson - Speaker - Josh's Project (2-3 mins)

Josh, call your speaker and confirm their availability, then call me and let me know. Confirmation received via Bill during parents 7/6/97 meeting

Rufus Hanson for Ken Utz Jr. (424-2492)- 0/A Ceremonial Team - Eagle Presentation (20 mins)

Drummer moves into position in back of room. Drum beats bring ceremonial team forward. Allowat Sakima (minus headdress) the Chief of the Fire and Kichkinet the Guide come forward in full ceremonial garb. Sakima gives brief introduction as to who they are, and how they got there (what are they there for!) - calls new Eagles forward. "Will the Master of Ceremonies call all Eagle candidates forward to stand next to Allowat Sakima and Kichkinet?"

Dave Blaschke (pause between each name) - "Ryan Compary 2/19/97 ..... Richard B. Lewellen 2/26/97 ..... Jeffrey Dewese 3/2/97 ..... Michael Gunter 4/10/97 ..... Joshua Beaty 5/6/97."

Sakima - "This time I call on the Master of Ceremonies to have all Eagles of the Troop come forward, bringing their token to be shared with all."

Dave Blaschke (will call each individual, who will come to the plaque, hold their feather high for all to see, and say their part, when they are done, they will stoop low and out of sight of the audience, pretend to place their feather into the hidden headdress, stand and move close to the prop, alternating, first on the right, then on the left) -drummer will make 3 quick, short beats right after Eagle completes "I am" phrase, and before they proceed to the stage.

Richard M. Chapman 7/17/89 - (stand and say) "I am the heart of the Eagle (go to front) ..... This feather is like the top point of the Scout badge, always pointing North ..... and in the TRUE direction ..... it is also like the Sun, that comes up in the East ..... it brings light into darkness ..... and warmth to the day."

Stephen L. Becker Jr. 5/20/90 - (stand and say) "I am the wings of the Eagle ..... (go to front) This feather is like wind from the South ..... this wind will aid me to fly ..... it is also like the wind from the West ..... it will help keep me dry ..... and it will let the Sun set ..... so I may rest."

David A. Blaschke Jr. 8/15/90 - (stand and say) '1 am the nest of the Eagle ..... (go to front) This feather is for Mother Earth ..... she will give me food ..... and water ..... and shelter ..... as long as I lead and teach others the wisdom of the Eagle."

Kevin C. Chapman 9/3/91 - (stand and say) "I am the air above the Eagle ..... (go to front) This feather is for Father Sky ..... he will give me the space to fly to new heights ..... he will give me the space to grow."

Michael Buntyn 4/29/93 - (stand and say) "I am the head of the Eagle ..... (go to front) This feather is for the Scout oath ..... I will keep it in my mind always ..... and, it is for the Scout spirit ..... as I journey through life I will remember it is the spirit of truth and knowledge."

Adam Chandler 9/15/93 - (stand and say) "I am the voice of the Eagle ..... (go to front) This feather represents my call to all Scouts to be ..... Trustworthy, and Loyal ..... Helpful, and Friendly."

Mark Sayers 2/8/94 - (stand and say) "I am the grace of the Eagle ..... (go to front) This feather represents my duty to show others I am Courteous, and Kind."

Justin Sokol 6/27/95 - (stand and say) "I am the spirit of the Eagle ..... (go to front) This feather represents my duty to show others I am Obedient, and Cheerful."

Ted M. Beckstead 9/13/95 - (stand and say) "I am the talons of the Eagle ..... (go to front) This feather represents the claws that equip me to be Thrifty, and Brave."

Michael's Grandfather, Bill Gunter 5/17/44 - (stand and say) "I am the soul of the Eagle ..... (go to front) This feather represents the place where I gather the strength to be Clean, and Reverent."

Jeffs Uncle, Greg Pleasant 2/18/83 - (stand and say) "I am the family of the Eagle ..... (go to front) This feather is for all my brothers ..... in Scouting."

dark Storms 7/18/67 - (stand and say) "I am the eyes of the Eagle ..... (go to front) This feather is for all the Scoutmasters that have helped me to see the way."

Dave Blaschke - "At this time I would like to call for a moment of silence to remember Steve Becker, our first Committee Chairperson, and another founding father of this Troop. Steve was with us on our first trek at Philmont. There are many of us Scoutmasters (myself included) that believe if we shout orders loud enough to the Scouts, they will learn. Steve was a silent giant that led by example, and let his actions speak for him. He truly lived the Scout law in his daily life."

Rob Gentry 10/26/67 - (stand and say) "I am the flight of the Eagle ..... (go to front) This feather is for the next step in my life."

Jerry Beacham 9/69 - (stand and say) '1 am the past of the Eagle ..... (go to front) This feather is for all the Eagles that came before me."

"the Troop's Unit Commissioner will place the next to the last feather" - Will Wood 6/23/60 (503-9663) -(stand and say) "I am the future of the Eagle ..... (go to front) This feather is for all the Eagles yet to Come."

Karl Arunski 7/20/67 - (stand and say) "I am the Brotherhood of the Eagle ..... (go to front) This feather will never be the last ..... This feather will have no more power than any other feather, but put me with the others and become one with ALL ..... I can now fly, when before I could only walk. ..... As one I am alone ..... but together we become a team. Together, we become part of the greatest team in the Scouting world ..... to lift the greatest bird to lofty heights!"

at this point Ricky Chapman (the first Eagle) who is standing closest to the prop, will remove me full headdress from the canister, and hold it high for the audience to see, at the same time, Sakima will crouch low behind the prop to receive the headdress. When Ricky has fully spread the headdress, he will lower it onto Sakima's head, and give him just a moment to tie the straps under his chin.

Sakima - will give a 3 minute history of the OA, please address the audience and assume they know little about the organization, this should enlighten them and concentrate on Indian lore, and any connection to the Eagle. This could include: story of Chingachgook and Uncas, Lenni Lenape Delaware Indians, Nutiket, Meteu, the Mikanakawa lodge and Owl totem, etc. When he is complete, he will call on, or make some sign to the drummer to make the final drum beats.

Dave Blaschke - Master of Ceremonies - intro. to Eagle Charge (2 mins)

have all Eagles move away from prop if necessary ..... "At this time the Eagle Charge will be delivered. If there are any other Eagle Scouts in the audience, I ask them to come forward, be recognized, and join their brothers now assembled." pause "New Eagle scouts, I challenge you to enter this Eagle brotherhood, holding ever before you, without reservation, the ideals of honor and service. By the repetition of the Eagle Scout promise in front ofyour fellow members, you will become an Eagle scout. Though the words you use are similar to those by which you joined scouting, they mean more now than they could have meant at any time in the past. When you pledge yourself on your sacred honor, you will be sealing your eternal loyalty to the code of the Eagle scout, with the words which close the Declaration of Independence. Scouts, parents and guests, please stand. At the request of the boy's parents, Karl Arunski will deliver the charge."

Karl Arunski - Eagle Scout - Eagle Charge (2 mins)

"All Eagle Scouts, raise your right hand in the Scout sign and repeat after me: — I — (state you name) — reaffirm my allegiance — to the 3 promises of the Scout oath — I thoughtfully recognize and take upon myself— the obligations and responsibilities of the rank of Eagle scout — on my honor —I will do my best — to make my training an example — my rank and my influence count strongly — for better scouting —and for better citizenship — in my Troop and in my community — and in my contacts with other people — to this I pledge my sacred Honor. — too"

"Other Scouts, parents and guests may be seated. By the authority vested in me by this National Court of Honor of the Boy Scouts of America, it is my privilege and pleasure to pronounce you each an Eagle scout. May the oath you have just taken, remain engraved on your heart forever." ..... dismiss the 0/A team and past Eagle scouts

Dave Blaschke - Master of Ceremonies - Presentations (5 mins)

"The young men will be receiving their Eagle medals from their Mother, their Eagle badges from their Fathers, and presenting pins to both of their parents. Will their families please come forward for the presentations. Rick Chapman, the second Scoutmaster of Troop 295 will read 100 Scouts." ..... ask the families to return to their seats when they are complete

Dave Blaschke - Master of Ceremonies - Intro. toNESA (2 mins)

"And now. Senior Patrol Leader Stephen Nappo and his Assistant Scott Nichols will scarf the new Eagles, while our current Committee Chairperson, Steve Hull presents the young men with a membership in the National Eagle Scout Association."

Steve Hull - Committee Chairperson - MESA Presentation (2 mins)

"The Troop has decided to award all of our Eagle Scouts with a membership in the National Eagle Scout Association that is good until your 23rd birthday. With it comes this neckerchief, along with a quarterly newsletter. This membership is presented to you from the Scouts and Committee of Troop 295."

Dave Blaschke - Master of Ceremonies - Acceptance speeches

"And now comes the time that all of us have been waiting for. Each Eagle has a few words of wisdom for all of us. Any future Scoutmasters out there should listen up. You might find some good material here for a "Scoutmaster's Minute."" Eagles remain standing at front during speeches

Ryan Compary - Eagle Scout - Acceptance speech (2-3 mins) Richard Lewellen - Eagle Scout - Acceptance speech (2-3 mins) JeffDewese - Eagle Scout - Acceptance speech (2-3 mins) Michael Gunter - Eagle Scout - Acceptance speech (2-3 mins) Josh Beaty - Eagle Scout - Acceptance speech (2-3 mins)

Dave Blaschke-Master of Ceremonies-Final Announcements (2 mins)

"Ryan, Richard, Jeff, Michael and Josh, we are all very proud of your accomplishments that brought us to this day. Let us remind you that the tradition of the Eagle is high. May you so live that this tradition may always be guided by the spirit of Scouting. Wimachtendienk Wingolauchsik Witahemui. May the Eagle badge that you have received be symbolic of this spirit of Scouting."

"I would like to take this opportunity to Thank the American Legion and VFW for our opening ceremony. I remind you that there are 2 other Eagles awaiting approval from National, and who will have Courts of Honor later this year. They are Matt Pierson and Rums Hanson. Rufus gladly stepped in at the last minute, when our 0/A Chapter Chief, Ken Utz Jr. could not be here, and played the part ofAllowat Sakima today. I thank the rest of our Chapter ceremonial team for their support ..... and a special Thanks to their advisor, Richard Phillips (423-1632), who helped me bring the seed of my idea to full fruition this afternoon." ..... "I ask the members of the court and all guests to congratulate Scouting's newest Eagles. Their families have requested that you join them for cake and punch at the back of the room. John Beaty has a slide show presentation set up at the back of the room that I encourage you to watch while you enjoy your refreshments. Just a reminder to the Eagle candidates, we will not have a meeting tomorrow night, due to the Troop cutting. We will have it one week from tomorrow night, one-half hour before the regular meeting. And finally, all of the Eagle Scouts present today, this includes Matt and Rufus, need to come to the front of the stage so the audience can get final pictures. I now declare this National Court of Honor closed. Thank you for your attendance."

(actual time was 90 minutes with approximately 10 min. late start)


"Of any one hundred boys who become Scouts, it must be confessed that thirty will drop out in their first year.  Perhaps this may be regarded as a failure, but in later life all of these will remember that they had been Scouts and will speak well of the program."

"Of the one hundred, only rarely will one ever appear before a juvenile court judge.  Twelve of the one hundred will be from families that belong to no church.  Through Scouting, these twelve and many of their families will be brought into contact with a church and will continue to be active all their lives.  Six of the one hundred will become pastors."

"Each of the one hundred will learn something from Scouting.  Almost all will develop hobbies that will add interest throughout the rest of their lives.  Approximately one-half will serve in the military, and in varying degrees will profit from their Scout training.  At least one will use it to save another person's life and many will credit it with saving their own."

"Four of the one hundred will reach Eagle rank, and at least one will later say that he valued'his Eagle above his college degree.  Many will find their future vocation through merit  badge work and Scouting contacts.  Seventeen of the one hundred boys will later become Scout leaders and will give leadership to thousands of additional boys."

"Only one in four boys in America will become Scouts , but it is interesting to know that of the leaders of this nation in business religion and politics, three out of four were Scouts."

"This story will never end.   Like the "Golden Pebble" of service dropped into the human sea, it will continue to radiate in ever-widening circles, influencing the characters of men down through unending time."


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