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Eagle Scout Investment Ceremony


Set the stage a background of flags behind the installation team. On stage there is a Scout candelabra with 22 candles, representing the 12 points of the Law, 3 points of the Oath, the 6 ranks of Scouting and the Scout spirit. All candles are out except the "Spirit of Scouting." Begin the ceremony by having a bugler step out and sound fan-fare. The curtains open and the narrator begins.


Master of Ceremonies (MC)
Five Scouts: Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star and Life, in the wings prepared to enter on cue.


MC: To earn the higher ranks in Scouting, a Scout has to spend a great deal of time and effort. Therefore, the occasion that recognizes his accomplishments should be something special. Tonight we shall follow the Lighting The Eagle Trail. (House lights are turned off.)

When a boy becomes a Scout there is instilled within him something that we call the spirit of Scouting. The lighted candle before you represent that spirit. Because the spirit of Scouting embodies the principles of the Scout Oath and Law, it is a shining beacon of inspiration. Alone, this light may seem feeble, but when multiplied by more than three million boys in Scouting, it becomes very powerful indeed. Here to tell us more about Lighting The Eagle Trail, is Mr. _____#1___.

Mr. #1: Far away, looms the hazy outline of a lofty Eagle Summit, flanked by lesser peaks that represent Star and Life. Yes, to the newcomer they are a long way ahead, but they come a lot closer as the light from the Spirit of Scouting spreads.

The first Scout rank in Scouting is Tenderfoot. (The Tenderfoot lights a candle) Once inspired by the Spirit of Scouting he will not stay tender-of-foot for long. Putting a few simple achievements behind him, he quickly climbs to the rank of Second Class Scout. (Second Class Scout lights a candle) Even though the requirements stiffen a bit, he keeps climbing until finally he tops the mountain ridge along the Eagle trail where he receives his First Class award. (First Class Scout lights a candle) This is no place to rest on the Eagle trail, for now he clearly sees the peaks ahead.

Mr. #1: Now a broad mountain meadow of merit badges challenges him. He must gather six of them as he presses onward toward Star Mountain. (Star Scout lights a candle) He is farther along the Eagle trail than he thought he would ever be, and he is proud of his progress. He realizes benefits that he has gained from his training for leadership and for service. The Life Scout rank, the next summit along the trail seems far away. Our hiker rushes on, working, serving, leading and as he goes he adds five more merit badges to his collection. The farther he climbs, the fewer companions he meets who are with him along the trail, and the more effort, he expends. (Life Scout lights a candle) Moving on our traveler has attained another peak. To guide us up the final peak is Mr. _____#2_____.

Mr. #2: Our new Life Scout has completed many accomplishments, but looking up, the Scout beholds yet another summit, the highest summit of the range. He knows it must be Eagle Summit about which he has heard so many stories. The trail leads on and upward. Now the pathway narrows and there are even fewer Scouts on it. Toward the summit the path steepens considerably and winds along narrow ledges. Many tough spots will need to be overcome to conquer the last few miles. He must find and gather ten more merit badges. As he goes about that task, he is busy giving leadership to other Scouts who seek to climb the ranks of Scouting. He is continually giving service to those who cannot enjoy the trail, but need a helping hand. Only those with real persistence and courage are able to gain the thrill of Eagle Summit.

Before continuing up the trail to your goal, which is now very apparent. Let me remind you that there are more mishaps in mountain climbing after reaching the top than there are on the trail upward. One who achieves the highest goal of Scouting should never forget the rigor of the training he has endured and the responsibilities of leadership and service that were a part of his success. Never forget that the Scout Law should always be fundamental in your life. There are twelve parts of the Law. (Installation team will light the twelve candles' one at a time, repeating the twelve Scout Law and their definition.)

Finally, the three parts of the Scout Oath are promises that will carry you safely and securely as you travel down unknown paths in the future. (A Scout lights the three candles as the Speaker reads the Scout Oath.)

(Mr. is seated and MC takes over the podium.)

MC: The Eagle candidate Scout [ Scout's name ], and his parents are escorted to the stage by members of the Troop.

(To Eagle candidate) You are almost at the summit that you have been diligently seeking to reach. Please take the candle representing the Spirit of Scouting, step onto the Eagle Summit and light the candle that signifies you have reached the very top. (Candidate lights the candle)

MC: (Addressing Troop Committee Chairman or Advancement Chairman) Mr. __________, Chairman of the Troop Committee, has Scout [ Scout's name ] conducted himself in a manner that exemplifies meaning of Scouting.

CHAIRMAN: All records and interviews have indicated that the candidate for Eagle has exemplified the meaning of Scouting.

MC: Thank you Mr. ___________, for your report. Will Mr. ______, representing the National Council, Boy Scouts of America, will come forward and administer the Eagle Pledge.

BSA REP.: SPL, please bring your troop to attention.

SPL: Troop ATTENTION! (Scouts and Scouters should stand at attention)

BSA REP: Eagle candidate [ Scout's name ], please step forward, render the Scout sign and repeat after me:

I, [ your name ] realize the obligation to my fellow eagle scouts to my home, my country, and my God. I will at all times do my best to assist other scouts, who are climbing the eagle trail and to give back more to scouting than it has given me and to assist my troop as much as possible and to the best of my ability.

SPL: Troop please be seated.

MC: Now Eagle Scout [ Scout's name ], the eyes of all Scouting -- yes, the eyes of the world are trained upon you. Let me remind you that the tradition of the Eagle is high. May you so live to preserve and uphold this tradition. May your life be guided by the Spirit of Scouting, symbolized by the blazing candles before you. May the Eagle badge that you are about to receive be symbolic of the fine Spirit of Scouting.

Mr. Scoutmaster please join me to present the Eagle badge to Scout [ Scout's name ], who will escort his parents to center stage.

(Scoutmaster hands the Eagle badge to the mother for pinning )

MC: Your mother will now have the honor of presenting you the Eagle badge.

(To the Eagle Scout) This miniature Eagle pin is for your mother, who has stood nobly by you. Will you pin it over your mother's heart in recognition of her love, encouragement, faith and trust she has in you.

You are now an Eagle Scout, and as such you must never disappoint your parents who have done so much for you. Understand that without their support achieving the rank of Eagle would have been all but impossible.

(To all) Immediately after the benediction and retreat of the colors, you may congratulate Eagle Scout [ Scout's name ].

PASTOR: Benediction and retreat.

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