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Original (Howell, Chamblee, R. Fox, Holliday) Style

For: Michael Woods

Date: Sunday, February 11, 1995

Time: 3:00 P.M.

Place: Zebulon Baptist Church


Scout(s) who are to hand out programs should be in place at the main entrance to the sanctuary at least thirty minutes before the ceremony. They will instruct late arriving scouts to be seated in the last row of the troop section. Three minutes prior to the start of the ceremony, the Program Attendants will move forward to sit immediately behind the troop. They are:

Color Guard:
The Color Guard will be at the main entrance to the sanctuary at least thirty minutes prior to the start of the ceremony. The Color Guard members are:

Senior Patrol Leader:
The Senior Patrol Leader, Sam Malone, will be at the main entrance with the Troop to ensure they are in the correct order and know where they are to go.

Trail to Eagle:
The six scouts selected to participate in the "Trail to Eagle" portion of the ceremony will be provided with their respective rank symbol signs at least thirty minutes prior to the beginning of the ceremony. These scouts are:

Eagle Escort:
The Eagle Escort will be at the front of the sanctuary at least thirty minutes prior to the start of the ceremony. They will escort the Eagle Parents to their seats five minutes prior to the start of the ceremony. The members of the Eagle Escort are:

Jay Holliday and Kevin Moore

Voice of the Eagle:
Michael Holliday & Calvin Pippin takes their place in the balcony at least thirty minutes before the ceremony begins to check the microphone and PA system. Reverend Jack Glasgow must unlock the cabinet and turn system on before it can be tested.

SEATING: Right Side of the Sanctuary:

First Row

The first row on the right side of the sanctuary will be reserved for the Eagle Scout, his parents, and the Eagle Escort. The Eagle will sit on the parents' left next to the center isle, and the Eagle Escort will sit on the parents' right.

(Seating from left to right)

(Eagle) Michael Woods, Roger Woods, Pamela Woods, Kevin Moore, and Jay Holliday.

Second Row

The second row will be reserved for the Senior Patrol Leader, the color guard,

(Seating from left to right)

Justin Higgins (Troop), Sam Malone, Michael Hardee (American)

SEATING: Left Side of the Sanctuary:

First Row

The first row, left side of the sanctuary will be reserved for the following people, from left to right, Committee Chairperson Nancy Pulley, Scoutmaster Bob Hardee, Reverend Jack Glasgow, Eagle Scout Board of Review Chairman Stewart Aull, Frank Pulley, Wayne Ruey, Terry Fox.

Second Row

The six Scouts chosen to participate in the "Trail to Eagle" portion of the ceremony will be seated on the second row, from left to right (facing the front of the sanctuary), in the order which they will come forward during the ceremony Matthew Frazier, Kyle Ruey, Adrian Woods, Devin Whitley, Ezekiel Chen, and Quinten Peele.

Third Row and Back

The remainder of Troop 524 will sit by patrols on the left side from the third row back, as far as needed.

Last Row of Troop Area:

(Or immediately behind the last filled row) This is where the late arriving Scouts and Program Attendants will sit. Program Attendants should take their seats (last two seats in the Troop section) 3 minutes before the ceremony begins. Program attendants should instruct late arriving Scouts to be seated at the rear of the Troop section, and to reserve seats for them.


At the back of center stage, the following items will be arranged, from back to front:

The Eagle Badge Board (on an easel)

A table with:

  1. three blue candles of the Scout Oath
  2. twelve red candles of the Scout Law
  3. one white Scout Spirit candle

(all candles need to be pre-lit to assist in their lighting during the ceremony. The Scout Spirit candle will be the only one burning during Pre-Ceremony activities, which will be lit by the Scoutmaster three (3) minutes before the ceremony begins)


A pulpit or lectern will be placed stage left, and immediately beside or behind it will be placed a stand or table on which the presentation items will be placed and arranged. A copy of this ceremony script will be kept at the lectern or pulpit for reference by program participants.


Flag stands will be placed on the floor at the front corners of the stage.


Troop 524 should assemble, in full uniform, at the main entrance to the sanctuary at least thirty minutes before the ceremony. All scouts who are to be seated before the ceremony will be assembled by patrol in a single file line headed by the six "Trail to Eagle" scouts. Ten minutes before the ceremony begins, the Scoutmaster will be responsible for the orderly entry and seating of the Troop.

All other program participants should also arrive and assemble at least thirty minutes before the start of the ceremony. Immediately following the entry and seating of the troop, the Senior Patrol Leader, Color Guard, and the Eagle Scout and Eagle Escort will assemble at the main entrance to the sanctuary.


All known visiting Eagles and District and Council Members will be seated immediately behind the seats reserved for Troop 524. Congressman Fred Heineman should be seated immediately behind the seats reserved for Troop 524.



Committee Chairperson, Troop 524, Mrs. Nancy Pulley.

This Eagle Scout Court of Honor is now called to order. Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Nancy Pulley, and as the Committee Chairperson for Troop 524 it is my privilege to welcome you on behalf of Troop 524 to the Eagle Scout Court of Honor for Michael Woods. At this time I would like to ask Reverend Jack Glasgow, to come forward to lead us in the Invocation.


Reverend Jack Glasgow of Zebulon Baptist Church.


Committee Chairperson for Troop 524, Nancy Pulley.

Will the audience please stand for the presentation of the Colors and the Eagle Escort.

(Audience Stands)

The Senior Patrol Leader, followed by the Color Guard, Eagle Escort, and Eagle Scout, advance to the front down the center aisle from the rear of the sanctuary. At front, the Senior Patrol Leader halts and does an about face. The Color Guard moves to their respective sides and faces the audience. The Eagle Escort escorts the Eagle Scout to the first seat on the first row on the right side of the sanctuary next to his parents. The Eagle Escort then takes their places on the front row to the right of the Eagle's parents.


Senior Patrol Leader, Sam Malone

Will the audience join us in the Pledge of Alliance.

Scouts, Salute

(Scouts and Troop flag bearer, who dips the Troop Flag, salute.)


(Senior Patrol Leader leads audience in Pledge of Allegiance)


Post the Colors.

(Color Guard posts the colors.)

The audience my be seated. Scouts attention. Sign. Scout Oath. Scout Law. Two. (At the saying of each point Wayne Ruey lights a candle.)

Please be Seated.

(Senior Patrol Leader and Color Guard takes their seats, ones reserved on the second row, right side.)


Committee Chairperson, Nancy Pulley

Will all the Eagles in the audience please stand. Thank you. Please be seated.

We would also like to recognize as a very special guest, Congressman, Fred Heineman. Congressman, will you please stand. Thank you so much. Please be seated.


Michael Holliday & Calvin Pippin:

(The "Voice of the Eagle" speaks using the microphone from the balcony.)

(M. Holliday) "Will Eagle candidate Michael Woods please step up to the center stage and face the audience.

(Eagle steps up to center stage with Jay Holliday and Kevin Moore who then take their seats.)

"This is the Voice of the Eagle. The Eagle whose heights you have struggled hard to reach. We remember well when you first came to the base of the cliffs, and how you looked up with ambition and determination. Look back for a moment; look down the cliff you have climbed; look at the experiences you have encountered in you ascent. These experiences should not be forgotten. You should profit by making sure adverse experiences do not occur again. Experience is a valuable teacher, if you heed its teachings."

(C. Pippin) We remembered when you took your first step upon the trail that leads upward. With that first step you began to build yourself physically, mentally, and morally. You started living the Scout Oath and Law. All the while you were on the trail, we watched you study and we saw you learn by doing. First, you were only a Scout.

(Scout Patrick Jones steps forward and takes his place facing the audience. He should stand in front of the stage, at floor level and slightly right of center.)

(M. Holliday) Then your brother Scouts called you a Tenderfoot, and they were right; you were indeed a Tenderfoot Scout.

(Tenderfoot Quinten Peele steps forward and takes his place to the left of the Scout, facing the audience.)

(C. Pippin) So, you reached the first ledge and there you were greeted by a large group of Second Class Scouts.

(Second Class Scout Devin Whitley steps out and takes his place to the left of the Tenderfoot, facing the audience.)

(M. Holliday) Some, like you, were stopping to catch their breath before continuing along the trail. You began to study more, you worked harder, and almost before you knew it, you came to another ledge, the ledge where the First Class Scouts dwell.

(First Class Scout Adrian Woods steps out and takes his place to the left of the Second Class Scout, facing the audience.)

(C. Pippin) There you found a tempting green meadow by a clear stream bathed in the sun. Here you were tempted to remain. Yes, you could have remained there to live in First Class glory, but your ambition stirred you on. We remembered your advancement to Star Scout.

(Star Scout Kyle Ruey, steps out and takes his place to the left of the First Class Scout, facing the audience.)

(M. Holliday) The trail from First Class to Star rank was not as difficult as it had seemed. This spurred you on, again you climbed further. The trail was steeper and less worn. Fewer scouts were headed in your direction. You looked down and saw the crowds below you. You looked up and saw a few above you, and with the same determination with which you started your climb, you continued up the trail. Soon you earned the badge of Life rank.

(Life Scout Jay Pulley steps out and takes his place to the left of the Star Scout, facing the audience.)

(C. Pippin) The heart badge was then placed on your uniform. You will never forget the thought in your heart. This feeling has been experienced by all Scouts on reaching the ledge of Life Scout. Now I am close to the Eagle, I will carry on. The trail became tougher, but more interesting. The original principles, the Scout Oath and Law, now had a fuller meaning. Your understanding of them was greater.

(M. Holliday) Yes, we have watched your character unfold and become more manly. We have watched your leadership expand into a valuable asset. We have watched your mind develop and your wisdom increase. We have watched all these things in you and now that you are on the threshold of your goal, we welcome you, for you have done your climbing in a true Scout-like manner.

(C. Pippin) This is the Voice of the Eagle.

(Scouts return to their seats.)


Chairman, Eagle Scout Board, Stewart Aull:

The awarding of the Eagle Badge is an important and serious occasion, the climax and the goal for which a Scout works for many years. It is an occasion for pride and joy, and a time for serious contemplation. It is the culmination of the efforts of the various leaders of this Troop. The Eagle Award is the highest and most coveted rank in Scouting; the last major step in the advancement program. Less than 1 out of 50 scouts (or 2%) in the United States reach the Eagle Rank. At this point, we trust you have achieved our purpose in the building of character, training of leadership, and the practice of service.

To become an Eagle Scout, a Scout must earn a minimum of 21 merit badges, including 12 of which are required. He must serve actively in a troop leadership position for a period of six months after achieving the rank of Life Scout. While a Life Scout, he must plan, develop, and carry out a service project helpful to a religious institution, school, or community in a manner worthy of an Eagle Scout. He must demonstrate, through the testimony of character references and otherwise, that he lives by the principles of the Scout Oath and Law in his daily life. Finally, he must appear before a Board of Review. Michael has been in Troop 524 for 5 years. He has earned a total of 25 merit badges and has served as Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, and Troop Guide. He is an Ordeal member of the Order of the Arrow and has served on the staff of a weekend Troop Junior Leader Training Course.

Michael's Eagle Project was building cabinets for the storage of the choir robes and music at Wakefield Central Baptist Church.

As Chairman of the Eagle Scout Board of Review for Troop 524, it is my pleasure to report that after a thorough review of his qualifications, Michael Woods has qualified for the rank of Eagle Scout and is entitled to receive the Eagle Scout Award.


Chairman, Eagle Scout Board: Stewart Aull

As an Eagle Scout, I challenge you on behalf of all Eagle Scouts to accept the responsibilities as well as the honor of the Eagle Award. These responsibilities are as follows:

An Eagle Scout must live with honor. His honor is sacred; the foundation of all character. An Eagle will live so that he reflects credit upon his home, church, school, friends, and himself. May the white of your badge remind you to live with honor.

An Eagle Scout is to be loyal. "To thine own self be true, and it must follow as the night the day, thou can'st not then be false to any man." Neither pain nor profit, pride nor personal loss shall sway his loyalty. The blue on your badge is the emblem of loyalty.

An Eagle Scout is courageous. Courage gives all character force and strength. With trust in God and faith in his fellow man, he faces each day unafraid and seeks his share of the world's work to do. Let the red of your badge remind you of courage.

Finally, an Eagle Scout is service oriented. Extend a helping hand to those who toil along the Scouting trail you have completed, just as others have aided you. The daily Good Turn must take on a new meaning and better life pattern of service. Protect and defend the weak and helpless; comfort the unfortunate and oppressed. Uphold the rights of others as well as your own. Remember, real leadership is founded upon real service.

At this time, I ask Scoutmaster Bob Hardee to come forward to administer the Eagle Scout Oath.


Scoutmaster Bob Hardee

Will all the Eagle Scouts present please stand for the reading of the Eagle Scout Oath? (Eagles in the audience stand.) Michael, please give the Scout Sign and repeat the Eagle Scout Oath after me:

"I reaffirm my allegiance .... to the three promises of the Scout Oath .... I thoughtfully recognize and take upon myself .... the obligations and responsibilities .... of the rank of Eagle Scout. .... On my honor I will do my best .... to make my training, example, rank, and influence .... count strongly for better Scouting .... and for better citizenship .... in my Troop, .... in my community, .... and in my contacts with other people .... always. ...."

The Eagles in the audience may be seated.

(Eagles in the audience are seated.)


Chartered Organization Representative, Frank Pulley and U.S. Congressman, Fred Heineman

(F. Pulley) Will the parents of the Eagle candidate please come forward?

(Pamela Woods (mother) takes her place on the Eagle's left; Roger Woods (father) takes his place on the Eagle's right.)

No one will ever know the unnumbered acts of self-sacrifice and helpfulness from Michael's mother which have helped lead us to this day. As a symbol of what his mother made possible. the court now asks Michael to present his mother with a miniature Eagle pin.

(COR gives pin to the Congressman, who in turn gives it to Michael, who then pins it on his mother.)

Michael, your father has stood by you over the years and has offered his encouragement and assistance. As a symbol of what he has contributed to your attainment of this award, the court now asks you to present him with a miniature Eagle pin.

(COR gives pin to the Congressman, who in turn gives it to Michael, who then pins it on his father, or gives it to him and shakes his hand.)

Michael, by the authority vested in me by the National Court of Honor of the Boy Scouts of America, it is my privilege to pronounce you an Eagle Scout, and it is with distinct honor and pleasure that I present you with the Eagle Scout Award, which I will ask your mother to pin over your heart.

(COR gives the Eagle Award to Congressman Heineman, who then gives it to Pamela (mother), who pins it on Michael's left chest just about the pocket.)

I now present you with the Eagle Scout Certificate signed by the Chief Scout Executive and the President of the United States. It reads: (COR reads Certificate and presents it to Michael.)

(Congressman Heineman then makes any comments that he wishes to make.)


Wayne Ruey and Terry Fox

Michael, on behalf of Scouts, adult leaders, and committee members of Troop 524, it is my pleasure to present to you the Eagle Scout neckerchief and neckerchief slide.

(Wayne Ruey and Terry Fox takes off Troop neckerchief and slide and puts the Eagle neckerchief and slide on him. They then shake his hand, congratulates him, and returns to their seat. Mr. Hardee comes forward to present the NESA membership.)


Scoutmaster Bob Hardee

The National Eagle Scout Association was established in 1972 as a fellowship of men who have achieved the Eagle Rank. Michael, in recognition of your achievement, your parents have given you a NESA membership. On behalf of your parents, it is my pleasure to present to you a certificate of membership in the National Eagle Scout Association.

(Mr. Hardee gives the certificate to Michael's parents, who give it to Michael, and congratulate him.)


Scoutmaster Bob Hardee

Will all Eagle Scouts present please stand? Michael, on behalf of all the Eagle Scouts who have ever been associated with Troop 524, it is my pleasure to present you a National Eagle Scout Association neckerchief and slide.

(Mr. Hardee presents neckerchief and slide to Michael, congratulates him, and shakes his hand.)

The Eagles in the audience my by seated. At this time I call Stewart Aull forward to deliver the Eagle Charge.

(Mr. Hardee and parents return to their seats; Michael remains standing after giving the presentation items to his parents.)


Chairman, Eagle Scout Board: Stewart Aull

Michael, I have the honor of giving you the Eagle Scout Charge on this occasion of your elevation to the highest rank in Scouting.

The Boy Scouts of all nations constitute one of the most wholesome and significant movements in the world's history, and you have been counted worthy of the highest rank in its membership. All who know you rejoice in your achievement.

Your position, as you well know, is one of honor and responsibility. You are a marked man. As an Eagle Scout, you have assumed a solemn obligation to do your duty to God, to country, to fellow Scouts, and to mankind in general. This is a great undertaking. As you live up to your obligations, you bring honor to yourself and to your brother Scouts. When you fail, you bring down by so much the good name of all true and worthy Scouts.

Your responsibility goes beyond your fellow Scouts to your country and God. America has many good things to give you and your children after you; but these things depend, for the most part, on the character and leadership abilities of her citizens. You are to help her in all that she needs most. She has a great past. You are here to make her future greater.

I charge you to undertake your citizenship with a solemn dedication. Be a leader, but lead only toward the best. Lift up every task you do and every office you hold, to the highest level of service to God and fellowman. So live and serve, that those who know you will be inspired to the finest living. I charge you to be among those who dedicate their skills and abilities to the common good.

Build America on the solid foundation of clean living , honest work, unselfish citizenship, and reverence to God, and whatever others may do, you will leave behind a record of which every Scout may be proud.

At this time, the court invites Eagle Scout Michael Woods to make his remarks on this occasion.


Eagle Scout Michael Woods

(After his remarks, Michael returns to his seat and Reverend Jack Glasgow comes to the front to give the benediction.)


Reverend Jack Glasgow


Committee Chairperson Nancy Pulley

After the ceremony is over, I invite you to attend, on behalf of Michael and his parents, a reception in the Fellowship Hall.

I now declare this Eagle Scout Court of Honor adjourned. Pleas stand for the retiring of the Colors.

(Senior Patrol Leader Sam Malone takes a position front and center and the Color Guard takes up flags.)

Senior Patrol Leader Sam Malone:

Color Guard retire the colors.

(SPL moves forward down the center aisle followed by Color Guard, who are followed by Eagle Escort flaking Michael Woods, who are followed by the parents of the Eagle, who are followed by the Scouts in single file, who are followed by adult leaders and program participants, who are followed by the audience to the exit.)

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