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  • The Eagle Scout

  • The Eagle

    by Emily M. Parris

    The eagle is a magnificent bird
    Who soars with graceful ease
    He's a symbol of our heritage
    As he glides upon the breeze

    He's a symbol of our freedom
    In his soaring boundless flight
    A beacon for humanity
    And a splendid, noble sight

    His huge wingspan maneuvers him
    In boundless soaring flight
    Oh eagle, in your majesty
    May we follow you tonight

    May we soar like eagles on the wings
    Of dreams composed of light
    Oh, eagle, in your splendor
    May we follow you tonight

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    An Eagle Mom's Poem

    It's every mother's dream to see,
    her son grow tall and strong.
    To teach him what is right to be,
    to keep him from the wrong.

    Mom so loves that little boy,
    and uses all the skills at her employ.
    She teaches him the things she can,
    and hopes that he'll become a man.

    He learns that words can hurt or heal,
    that words can change the way we feel.
    He learns that truth is right and good,
    to treat his fellow man the way he should.

    He learns that where there's greatest freedom in this world,
    there also stands his Nation's flag unfurled.
    He learns to live by faith and love,
    to always trust in God above.

    The years have passed and in their wake,
    a taller straighter lad there stands.
    And mother's pride is great indeed,
    her little boy is nearly a man.

    An Eagle Scout

    -- Thanks to Ed Schmitt

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    An Eagle Dad's Poem

    I saw a chubby little boy,
    In uniform of blue,
    A jaunty cap was on his head,
    His shoes were shiny, too.

    His eyes were wide, expectant;
    He glowed fresh from the tub.
    His air said, "Let's get on with it!"
    This my son the Cub.

    I saw a slightly larger boy,
    Much taller, leaner, too;
    He stood up straight and proud,
    In garb of khaki hue.

    He now has more determination,
    In his face there is no doubt;
    I'm pleased to see his confidence,
    This is my son, the Scout.

    I know he'll strive to do his best,
    This bigger boy, not yet a man,
    Will grow in strength, in law and skill,
    For him, I'm sure, God has a plan.

    God, guide his path, make straight his way,
    Make his goal be high, his courage stout,
    That humbly, yet proudly, I will know,
    This is *MY* son, the Eagle Scout!

    -- Thanks to Paul Sweeney, sweeney@mdc.net, ASM, T-7, Lowell, Ma

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    The Law Of Life

    The following poem was part of a package of Eagle Court of Honor materials which was distributed by the Bucks County Council Chapter of the National Eagle Scout Association. No author or source was given for the poem.

    The tree that never had to fight
    For sun and sky and air and light,
    That stood out in the open plain
    And always got its share of rain,
    Never became a forest king,
    But lived and died a scrubby thing.

    The man who never had to toil
    Who never had to win his share
    Of sun sky and light and air,
    Never became a manly man,
    But lived and died as he began.

    Good timber does not grow in ease.
    The stronger wind, the tougher trees,
    The farther sky, the greater length,
    The more the storm, the more the strength,
    By sun and cold, by rain and snows,
    In tree or man, good timber grows.

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    Because Of Our Son

    Because of our son, we found a job to do.
    We became Scouters, tried and true!
    We understand boys better, because of our son.
    It happened through Scouting, oh what fun!
    Because of our son, it was all worthwhile,
    Oh, what a reward, to see a boy's smile!
    It's endless, the pleasures gained from Scouting,
    Because of our son, we attended each meeting,
    And we've gained many friends beyond measure.
    Tis indeed blessed to hold, such a wonderful treasure!
    Hours that were idle, are now filled to the brim.
    Because of our son, we enjoy life with him!
    Because of our son, we've a new way of life.
    We recommend Scouting for each Husband and Wife!

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    by Greg Gough

    I dreamed of the Eagle,
    soaring high above.
    Majestic, graceful;
    free from its Earthly tether.
    its presence...
    shadowing and altering reality.
    All who see it,
    focus upon it.
    At times it becomes elusive
    as it dances in and out of the sun.
    Watch closely,
    do not turn away and
    miss your chance to share
    in its spirit.
    The spirit of the Eagle can be found in
    each young Scout's eyes.
    its presence can be felt
    by those close to achieving
    Scouting's highest honor.
    And its essence
    is preserved and cherished
    by those known as
    Eagle Scouts!

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    Eagle Scout

    The Scouts gave you a challenge,
    And you've met it faithfully my friend,
    But it's quite hard to understand
    Just all it will mean in the end.

    An Eagle Scout, you've reached the top,
    Or have you only just begun?
    I'm betting that you will not stop
    With so much glory to be won.

    For life holds out a challenge too,
    A mountain high for you to scale,
    And with the training Scouts gave you,
    There's really no such word as fail.

    And so as you press on ahead,
    You'll find it's made much work like play,
    And as the tasks before you spread,
    They'll find you ready, so I'll say.

    Congratulations Eagle Scout,
    The world before you now is spread,
    Scouts taught you much what life's about,
    Prepared you well for what's ahead.

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    The Oyster And The Eagle

    When God made the oyster, he guaranteed him social security.
    He built the oyster a house, a shell to protect him from his enemies.
    When hungry, the oyster simply opens his shell, and the food rushes in.

    But when God made the EAGLE, he said, "The Blue sky is the limit.
    Go and build your house." So the EAGLE went and built his house upon the highest
    mountain peak, where storms threatened him every day. For food, he must fly through
    miles of rain and snow and wind.

    The EAGLE, then...not the oyster...is the symbol of the United States Of America, and
    Scouting's highest award.

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    The Scouting Trail

    This is the trail that the Scout shall know,
    Where knightly qualities thrive and grow.
    The trail of HONOR, TRUTH and WORTH,
    And the strength that spring, from the good brown earth.
    The trail that Scouts, in their seeking blaze,
    Through the toughest tangle, the deepest maze.
    Till out of boyhood the Scout comes straight,
    To manhood's splendid and high estate.

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    An Eagle Scout

    True to his God and his Nation's Flag,
    A boy whose loyalties never sag.
    An adventurous sort of a rough, tough lad,
    He'd share with anyone, all that he had.
    He's cheerful and good, and he's filled with fun,
    He always helps till the work is done.
    No loafer is he, this young man with skill,
    With his disciplined heart, mind and will.
    He camps and cooks, he hikes and climbs,
    He can sing a song or make a verse that rhymes.
    He's a splendid youth with a lifetime goal,
    He's the type of boy who's in control.
    There's no better young man in this great land,
    Than an Eagle Scout with a helping hand.

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    An Eagle Scout (second version)

    (Written by Eagle Scout Vaughn J. Featherstone [1931 - Living])

    (Contributed by P. William Mortimer, Jr., Asst. Scoutmaster, Troop 7, Buttonwoods, Warwick, RI)


    A different sort is an Eagle Scout
    He’s as good on the inside as the out.
    True to his God an his nation’s flag
    A boy whose loyalties never sag.
    An upright boy with a heart of gold
    He can take the heat and he can stand the cold.
    An adventurous sort of rough, tough lad
    He’d share with anyone, all that he had.
    He’s cheerful and good, and he’s filled with fun
    He always helps till the work is done.
    No loafer is he, this young man with skill
    With his disciplined heart and mind and will.
    He camps and cooks, he hikes and climbs
    He can sing a song or make a verse that rhymes.
    You can trust an Eagle with all you own
    You can count on him when the chips are down.
    He’s a splendid youth with a lifetime goal
    He’s the type of boy who’s in control.
    A rare breed is this young Eagle Scout
    Who’s as good on the inside as the out.
    So honor the Eagle and model his deeds
    He’ll plow rich soil and plant good seeds.
    There’s no better young man in this great land,
    Than an Eagle Scout with a helping hand!

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    Trail To Eagle

    by Greg Gough

    Walk upon the trail,
    that links the,
    future with the past.
    Take the Oath,
    Live the Law.
    The pathway to Eagle,
    is steep and narrow.
    Your journey will require,
    skill and fortitude.
    Your reward:
    Knowledge and Understanding.
    Enough to base a lifetime on.
    Your challenge is to;
    Take the journey,
    Join the few and
    Soar with the Eagle.

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    Trail The Eagle

    Trail the Eagle, Trail the Eagle,
    Climbing all the time.
    First the Star and then the Life,
    Will on your bosom shine, keep climbing!
    Blaze the trail, and we will follow,
    Hark, The Eagle's call;
    On brothers, on until we're Eagles all.

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    The Method

    He strived with devotion in his work with youth,
    To show them joy and beauty and truth.

    He toiled and labored, but his work seemed in vain,
    He sensed in his soul there was little to gain.

    He wondered why, as he tried to review,
    Had his plan been faulty, his bases untrue?

    Finally it came like a dawning light,
    He then saw clearly his faltering plight.

    He'd been trying his best, unwisely no doubt,
    To pour goodness in, instead of drawing it out.

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    by Vicki Mildenberger, Eagle Mom

    Lashings tied
        in the noon day sun,
            crackling campfires
                when day is done,

    Blue orange flames lick
        leaping high,
            while we listened
                to the night.

    We wrapped Nature
            in our arms,
                slept in tents
                    with no alarms.

    Hiking, biking, cooking, too –
        swimming, diving,
        paddling canoes.

    Stretching, reaching
        growing strong,
            we conquered trails
                (and without Mom),
            learning how
                to get along.

    In service to others,
        cheerfully given,
            we toiled together,
                Scouting brothers driven.

    A father’s time,
        character to sift,
            that special blend,
                a precious gift.

    A leader seasoned,
        first, a follower must be,
    This Eagle trail and its rewards
        is what you showed to me.

    With open heart
        and guided flight,
    You climbed with me
        and gave me sight.

    And when I slipped
        as sons can do,
            You taught,
                “A man gets up,
                    keeps his steps true.”

    A refiner’s fire
        kindled now in me,
            molding, shaping
                the man you’ll see.

    This eagle badge
        I wear for two
            and for the many others
                who helped me through.

    And to the sons,
        who want to stand,
            here, in this place one day,
    “May you be blessed
        with such a man
            to help show you the way.”

    “Just so you know,
        that’s when it’s time . . .
            a Dad one day I’ll be,
    And when my child
        looks in my eyes
            my Dad he’ll see in me.”

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    My Mother Made an Eagle Scout

     (Contributed by Jack Pearson)

    My mother made an Eagle Scout,
    My mother saw me start the route,
    And now thank god she sees an Eagle Scout,

    Along the road there were many paths,
    My mother was the sign that said,
    ‘This would be the Eagle’s route”,
    I followed, now I am an Eagle Scout,

    I will fulfill my life an Eagle Scout,
    My mother’s heart will be throughout,
    For it is that I am an Eagle Scout,

    There are so many roads to come,
    When I stray, it will be of an Eagle Scout,
    My mother’s heart will guide me out,

    My mother saw an Eagle Scout,
    My mother made an Eagle Scout,
    I will live my life throughout,
    An Eagle Scout.

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    Give Me A Scout

    (Contributed by Allan Schup,  Scoutmaster, Troop 502, Longhorn Council

    Give me a Scout that will be strong enough to know when he is weak
    and brave enough to face himself when he is afraid...

                            …who is proud and undaunted in honest defeat
    but humble and gentle in victory.

     Give me a Scout whose heart is clear and whose goals are high

    …who will learn to master himself before he tries to master others

    …who has learned to laugh but has not forgotten how to weep

    …a Scout who will look to the future yet never forget the past

    …who has enough sense of humor that he may always be serious.

     Give me a Scout with humility to learn that to know himself is the
    foundation stone of all knowledge

    …who has not followed the paths of ease and comfort,
    but has solidly faced the trials of challenge

    …who has learned to stand up to the teeth of the storm
    and has learned to accept passion for those who fail

    …who has knelt to give sympathy to those who cannot help themselves.

     Give me a Scout who so stands before his fellow men that his Scoutmaster dares to
    whisper, “I have not lived in vain.”

    And when you find this Scout…

    he bears the mark of an Eagle.

    (This poem is a variation of  “A Father’s Prayer", written by General Douglas MacArthur “during the early days of the desperate campaigns in the Far East in World War II.”  See MacArthur, His Rendezvous with History, Courtney Whitney, p. 547 (1956).

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    On Eagle’s Wings
    by Eve Engelbrite
                2004 Eve Engelbrite

    Hebrews were given Ten Commands
    Almighty God had rescued them
        Born on eagle’s wings.

    Through their desert trials too
    God brought them into Promise new
        Born on eagle’s wings.

    Following Scout Oath and Law
    You did your best because you saw
        Flight of eagles’ wings.

    A service project and badges galore,
    With leadership show you’ve prepared for
        Flight on eagle’s wings.

    You’ve made your nest among the best
    Now spread your wings; you’ve passed the test;
        Soar on eagle’s wings.

    Fly swift, fly high across the sky
    Encourage others standing by . . . to
        Soar on eagle’s wings.

    Like the eagle seraph near to God
    Which worships with a humble nod,
        Fly true on eagle’s wings.

    To God and country, duty bear,
    And ‘on your honor’ you do swear . . . to
        Fly true on eagle’s wings.

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    The River of Scouting

    By: Jay Kempinger

    He was a new scout.  Like spring rain, gathering purpose, looking for direction, following in the footsteps of those that came before him.

    Soon he became Tenderfoot, like runoff from the rain, influenced by the lay of the land; he slowly began to make his way, often meandering, though quickly prodded to return to the intended course.

    Now Second Class, his course more defined, much like the cool running brook; he feels his way between the rocks and obstacles, discovering, learning.

    While First Class, he is like the narrow creek, prodding the woodlands in search of the adventures that lie ahead, wondering, testing, broadening his knowledge and abilities in the wisdom of the wood.

    Then he became Star. Like the clear running stream he begins a swifter, more serious path. He begins to return to nature, refreshment, like the younger scouts that come to drink from his knowledge.

    Triumphantly, he is Life. Like the mighty river flowing ever forward, he begins to make his own path. The community, the land, is nourished from his banks. The scout spirit is alive in him.

    Humbly, he is Eagle. Like a great ocean, starting from a single drop of rain, he has traveled far, growing, reaching, forging ahead; he has endured. The scout oath, and the scout law, flow in his heart. His waters touch the shores of distant places, where men stand and proclaim his victory.

    Proudly, he is Eagle.

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    Recipe for an Eagle Scout

    By: Mike Gallo

    Place a young boy,
    Bright and shining with God’s grace,
    Into a free and hopeful nation.

    Add a large helping of mother’s love,
    And a touch of father’s, too.

    A full measure of Scoutmasters’ patience and generosity,
    Kindness and care from Assistant Scoutmasters
    Camaraderie and friendship from a number of boys,
    And support and help from their parents;
    Plenty of assistance and encouragement
    From family, friends, and community.

    A kind word in a moment of doubt,
    A gentle reprimand in a moment of weakness,
    A helping hand, a guiding thought,
    Understanding and forbearance, in full measure.

    Immerse for years
    In a Scouting atmosphere,
    Warming thoroughly with
    Good examples on every side.

    When done,
    Decorate with badges,
    And serve to the world


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    The Eagle Scout

     (written Jan. 19, 1980 - Contributed by Wes Fish, Scoutmaster, Troop 102, Ventura, CA)

    A young man stands before us now,

    smiling broadly as his honor is bestowed.

    He stood before us once as Tenderfoot,

    but now he is an “Eagle Scout”.


    “On my honor, I will do my best”

    he promised from the start;

    He said that he would obey the Law

    that is known by every scout.


    The Oath and Law become his creed,

    his Motto “Be Prepared”;

    “Do a good turn daily”

    was the Slogan to which he agreed.


    With Slogan, Motto, the Oath and Law,

    he traveled the “Eagle” trail;

    a trail completed by just a few,

    but an asset to those who do.


    He learned to do whatever is right

    no matter what others might think.

    He learned to be proud, yet not aloof,

    to respect all other men.


    Who is this young man who before us stands

    accepting his “Eagle” with pride?

    He once was a Boy Scout with boyish ideals;

    but now he is nearly a man.

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