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Court of Honor with Ceremonial Fire

This script was contributed by David Smith of Troop 2, Monterey, CA.  It was originally used for the Eagle Court of Honor for his son, Cody Szabo.

Eagle Court of Honor
Order of Events


Ceremony to be held at dusk. An outdoor site should be secured, with room for a stage area near a fire pit, and seating for the audience. Seating should be reserved at front for the Eagle Candidate, parents, Scout Master and dignitaries. A ceremonial fire must be pre-constructed in a modular way so as to be assembled during the ceremony in six sections. It should be able to fully ignite on the first lighting.

Pre-arranged participants:
Scoutmaster __________________________________

MC __________________________________

Tribal Leader __________________________________

Guest Speakers __________________________________



Fire Ceremony Participants:
Eagle Scout __________________________________

Life Scout __________________________________

Star Scout __________________________________

1st Class Scout __________________________________

2nd Class Scout __________________________________

Tenderfoot Scout __________________________________

Scout __________________________________

Other Eagle Participants:
Escort # 1 __________________________________

Escort # 2 __________________________________

Eagle Charge __________________________________

Event Volunteers:
Greeter (programs) __________________________________

Food and display tables __________________________________


Scoutmaster (SM):
(Call to order and asks everyone to stand for presentation of colors.)

Color Guard:
(team presents colors.)

SM: (asks all to remain standing for the pledge of allegiance and leads off.)

SM: (Asks all scouts to recite the Scout Law and Scout Oath.)

SM: (Asks all to be seated, then introduces the Master of Ceremonies for the evening.)

Master of Ceremonies (MC): “Thank you, (SM). As we open this Court of Honor , I would first like to bring up (local Tribe leader’s name), of the (tribe or council), for the opening blessing”.

Tribal Leader: (gives opening blessing.)

MC: “Thank you, (Tribal leader). Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of the (Candidate’s) family, I would like to welcome all of you to this very special occasion. Many scouts set out on the trail to Eagle, but few have the perseverance to follow it to the end. (Candidate) is one of those few and we are here tonight to honor his great achievement. To help us do that we are highly privileged to have some very special guests joining us tonight. It is my privilege to introduce to you:

(introduces each dignitary by name and title, including his/her spouse if present, and any other special guests.)

MC: (Invites any dignitaries that have offered to speak or present a certificate or proclamation to step forward)

(Dignitaries make presentations)

MC: “
Thank you, and to all of you for being here tonight. To further help recognize our Eagle Candidate, many prominent citizens throughout our country have written and offered (Candidate) many wonderful acknowledgments. So far he has received word from almost every level of local, state, and federal government, including:

(lists government officials)

“ as well as other prominent citizens through out our country such as:

(lists other prominent citizens)

“I would like invite everyone to take a closer look at these beautiful certificates and letters at the table adjacent to the refreshments, following our ceremony.


“As an Eagle Candidate, one of (Candidate)’s biggest achievements was the completion of his Leadership Service project. I would like to now ask (an official involved with the project) to step forward to give us a few words on how that project turned out.

(Project official): (gives a brief talk about the project.)

MC: “Thank you (Project official). There is also an album at the display table documenting this wonderful project. (Candidate) did a terrific job, and I encourage everyone to check that out.”


“i would like to bring (Tribal leader) back up. (Tribal leader’s name)?

(Tribal Leader): (does a presentation or talk about a young man’s initiation, or the history of the leader’s tribe in the area, etc.)

MC: “Thank you, (Tribal leader). (pause) Presentation of the Eagle Award is an important and serious matter. For the Eagle Candidate before us tonight the award is a climax of his Scouting efforts for many years. Let me point out that the attainment of this award is made possible through the assistance of many of those with us tonight: his Scoutmaster, troop leaders, his fellow Scouts, parents, family, friends, and many members of our local community. This is an occasion for pride and joy as well as a time for reflection. The Eagle is the highest rank that Scouting offers. It is earned through the scout advancement program. (Candidate) has distinguished himself through his continued, active service in Scouting. He is trained and practiced in his leadership abilities, and he is marked by his character and his actions, as an example to those who will follow him”.

(At this time the seven scouts representing each level of scouting, line up on the far side of the fire pit opposite of the audience, six of them each carrying a segment of Eagle fire, and one with a lighter or match.)

MC: “I now call your attention to the fire pit. Our Eagle Fire tonight will represent all levels of Scouting that each Boy Scout must pass through to reach the level of Eagle.

(the Eagle Scout steps forward)

Eagle Scout: “I am the Eagle Scout. Strong, knowledgeable, and stable, like the base of our fire”.

(the Eagle Scout places his portion of the firewood in the pit, and the Life Scout steps forward)

Life Scout: “I am the Life Scout. I am only a short climb away from Eagle. I help form the base of our fire”.

(the Life Scout places his portion of the firewood in the pit, and the Star Scout steps forward)

Star Scout: “I am the Star Scout. I am no longer a young scout. I complete the base of our fire.”

(the Star Scout places his portion of the firewood in the pit, and the First Class Scout steps forward)

First Class Scout: “I am the First Class Scout. I have learned many scouting skills, and have many merit badges ahead of me. I help form the core of our fire.”

(the First Class Scout places his portion of the firewood in the pit, and the Second Class Scout steps forward)

Second Class Scout: “I am the Second Class Scout. I am still have much to learn from those ahead of me. I bring the top of the fire.”

(the Second Class Scout places his portion of the firewood in the pit, and the Tenderfoot Scout steps forward)

Tenderfoot Scout: “I am the Tenderfoot Scout. I am taking my first steps on the trail to Eagle. I bring the kindling to our fire.”

((the Tenderfoot Scout places his portion of the firewood in the pit, and the Scout steps forward)

Scout: “I am the Scout. I am the newest member of my troop. I bring the spark that starts the Scouting flame.”

(The Scout lights the fire and steps back into line, all scouts holding their position.)

MC: “Well done! I now call up the Scoutmaster to perform the Eagle ceremony.

SM: “(Candidate), would you please step forward. (pause) (Candidate), you are deserving of much credit in having achieved Scouting’s highest rank. It is my wish that you wear your award with humility, ever mindful that the Eagle Scout is looked up to as an example. May the Scout Oath and the Scout Law be your guide for tomorrow and forever. As a Boy Scout of America, I believe that America’s strength lies in her faith, and in the courage and strength of her people. A Scout’s faith, and personal sense of honor are a monument to his American heritage, and he will do all he can to preserve and enrich it. He holds the values of the scout law in highest regard. (pause)

“(Candidate), having completed the requirements for Eagle, are you prepared to accept the challenge of the Eagle Scout and rededicate yourself to the Scout Oath and Scout Law?

(Candidate): “I am”.

SM: “The Eagle Charge will be given by Eagle Scout (Eagle Scout’s name)”.

(Eagle Scout): (steps forward) “Eagle Candidate, (Candidate’s name), I charge you:

“Enter the Eagle Scout Brotherhood holding, without reservation, ever before you the ideals of honor and service. I further charge you to remember that this entry into the Eagle Brotherhood is not an end to your commitment to these ideals but rather, just the beginning of the commitment. By repetition of the Eagle Scout Oath before your parents, leaders, and fellow scouts you acknowledge your acceptance of the challenge and become an Eagle Scout. Though these words are similar to those by which you joined scouting, tonight they have a special significance as you pledge, on your sacred word of honor your eternal loyalty to this code”.

(Eagle Scout steps to the side of the proceedings.)

SM: “I now call on Eagle Scout __________________ to escort the (Candidate)’s mother, (mother’s name), to the front. (pause) I now call on Eagle Scout ________________ to escort the (Candidate)’s father, (father’s name), to the front.”

(The two Eagle escorts bring the parents along side (SM) and (Candidate), then line up next to Eagle Charge presenter.)

“ (Candidate), please repeat after me the Eagle Oath”.

(Candidate repeats after each line.)

SM: “I, (Candidate’s name) ..... reaffirm my allegiance.....to the three promises of the Scout Oath....I thoughtfully recognize.....and take upon myself.....the obligations and responsibilities.....of an Eagle Scout.....With the help of God..... I will do my best.....to make my training an example.....My influence and my opportunities.....strongly count for physical
fitness.....for wholesome character..... and for devoted citizenship.....in Scouting, and my
community..... To this I pledge my sacred honor.”

“By the authority vested in me by the National Court of Honor of the Boy Scouts of America, it is my privilege to pronounce you, (Candidate), an Eagle Scout. Let’s have a round of applause for this fine young man.

(During applause, SM prepares the badge, mother’s pin, and father’s token.)

SM: “Mr. (Candidate’s father), will you please pin the Eagle badge on your son.

(SM hands pin to Candidate’s father.)

SM: “As a symbol of the advice and council provided you by your mother as you advanced along the Eagle trail, I now ask you, (Candidate), to pin this Eagle pin on your mother”.

(SM hands pin to Candidate.)

SM: “As a symbol of the fatherly guidance provided as you advanced along the Eagle trail, I now ask you, (Candidate), to present this token to your father.

(SM hands gift to Candidate.)

SM: “Mrs. (Candidate’s mother) and Mr. (Candidate’s father), you may now be seated. (Candidate), would you like to say a few words?”

(Candidate): (makes statement and gives thanks.)

MC: “I would like to join (Candidate)’s family in thanking all those who have helped make this celebration such a success. I would now like to ask (Tribal leader) to join me one last time to close these proceedings with a closing blessing.

(Tribal Leader): (gives closing blessing.)

MC: “I now declare this Eagle Court of Honor closed. I ask the members of the Court and all Eagle Scouts present to be the first to congratulate Cody, our newest Eagle Scout. After that he is open game. Thank you all again for coming, and everyone is welcome to stay and enjoy some cake and refreshments. Goodnight everyone.”

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