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Soar with the Eagles
Guidelines for earning the Eagle rank
by Joe Sinniger (used with permission)
Central New Jersey Council

When to begin
After you receive your Life Scout rank, you should receive the Life to Eagle packet and the Eagle Rank Application form. Some units provide this material, other units may expect you to get these items from your Council Service Center. You will not need the Eagle Rank Application until after you complete your service project.

To be eligible for the Eagle rank, you must earn 21 merit badges, perform a service project of significant value to the community, and complete some other requirements listed in the Scout Handbook. You may begin working on your service project anytime after you earn Life, regardless of the number of merit badges that you have earned. You must complete all requirements before you reach your 18th birthday.  The application and other administrative paperwork are not 'requirements', so you don't have to submit them before your 18th birthday, but the process for holding your board of review usually begins when the application is submitted, and there is a time limit on the board of review.  You may have your Board of Review up to 90 days after your eighteenth birthday (this can be extended for certain situations).

Follow the instructions in the Life to Eagle packet carefully. All the necessary steps are outlined in the packet and most of the material can be used in the writing of the final report. Make several copies of the packet and of the Eagle Rank Application before writing anything. Make all your entries in the copies and when you are satisfied with your work, then fill out the original forms. Usually, it takes about three tries before you get the Eagle Rank Application filled in correctly.

What you must do


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"Guidelines for Earning the Eagle Rank" by Joe Sinniger (used with permission)
Central New Jersey Council
Joe Sinniger may be e-mailed at