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Appealing the Decision

Two sets of circumstances may lead to the appeal of a decision.

First, if the unit leader or unit committee does not sign the application, the Scout or other interested party may appeal the decision.

Second, if the appropriate board of review does not recommend the applicant for the rank advancement, the decision may be appealed to the next higher level. With all appeal applications, the final decision rests with the national Boy Scout Committee.

On receipt of the appeal, the district or council committee responsible for advancement will provide for a prompt review to determine the facts. All parties must be interviewed either individually or as a group, but a confrontation should be avoided. A written report with all details must be prepared for the committee responsible for a decision or for forwarding to the National Boy Scout Committee, if necessary.

Please direct all inquiries & submissions to the webmaster at Eaglescout.org

"Guidelines for Earning the Eagle Rank" by Joe Sinniger (used with permission)