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Boy Scout Handbook Supplement, 1963

Revised Requirements for Tenderfoot through Eagle ranks
For optional use until 1965

Thanks to Rick Cordray, Troop 573, Woodinville, WA

Page 16 - Eagle Scout Requirements

To become an Eagle Scout, you must show by your attendance record that you have been active and dependable in troop meetings and activities for at least six months since becoming a Life Scout and do the following:

Service shall be figured from the first date of the board of review to the same date six months later. For example, the date of the Life board of review was January 10. The boy would be eligible for Eagle board of review on July 10.

1. Earn a total of twenty-one merit badges, including the following that are required: Camping, Cooking, Citizenship in the Community, Citizenship in the Nation, Nature, Soil and Water Conservation, Personal Fitness, First Aid, Swimming, Lifesaving, and Safety. (Merit badges earned for Star and Life can be used for the Eagle total).

2. While a Life Scout, serve actively as a troop warrant officer (patrol leader, Senior patrol leader, assistant senior patrol leader, junior assistant Scoutmaster, instructor, scribe, quartermaster, librarian, den chief) for a period of not less than six months.

3. While a Life Scout, plan, develop, and carry out a service project helpful to your church or synagogue, school, or community approved in advance by your Scoutmaster.

4. After completing the above requirements, meet with you Scoutmaster in a personal conference. At this meeting, complete to his satisfaction the following:

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