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This website is not officially endorsed by the Boy Scouts of America.  The content is based on materials available from the national council, but may contain opinions and possibly even errors!  It was constructed by and is maintained and financed by Scouting volunteers who believe that Eagle candidates, their parents, their leaders, and their friends can benefit from the experience of others while earning and being recognized for achieving the Eagle award.

From the current webmaster of Eaglescout.org

Hi, I'm Rick Cordray, Eagle class of 1966 from Troop 138 in Oklahoma City, OK.  I've served as a district Eagle advancement chairman in North Lakes District of the Chief Seattle Council, District Chairman for North Lakes District, and Council Commissioner for the Chief Seattle Council.  It is my pleasure to work with some of the finest people around - our Scouting volunteers and professionals.

Policies on Contributed and Copyrighted Materials

The information on this website has been collected from, and supplied by, numerous sources, and assumed to be in the public domain . Our objective is to provide a comprehensive set of resources for Scouts and Scouters alike. If you find something that is not credited properly or should not be here, PLEASE contact the webmaster immediately! Thanks to all those who have (and will) contribute.

We will not post copyrighted material without permission from the author to release it freely to the public.  If you are concerned about the use of material you would like to contribute or otherwise want to impose restrictions on its use, that is your right and you should not submit such materials to a public web site such as this.  We cannot monitor the usage of any contributed materials if you offer them for posting.  We will include your copyright notice if you like, but cannot assume any liability for any usage of contributed materials.

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